Our Favourite Chocolate Brown Wood Flooring

Chocolate. Whether it's a hot chocolate on a cold winter's day or a chocolate ice cream to cool down from the heat of the sun, you'll find so many associations we have with this easy word. If it comes to interiors, chocolate is hot right now. Whether it's furnishings, paint or paper colors or drapes, a mixture of whites, off-whites and chocolates; blacks, greys, whites and chocolates or even a heady mix of acidity colours using chocolate, are all big news. And chocolate timber floors is no exception.

Chocolate wood flooring offers the ideal backdrop for your interior; contemporary or traditional. A warm and reassuring flooring colour choice, you can rest assured when you opt for this option, you have got a great solution for now and for the long run. That is the reason why we make it a priority to have a fantastic alternative in stock in any way times.

Here are just a few of These Amazing options we have in Inventory Today and ready to Provide so you can make chocolate Hardwood flooring Part of your Daily Life:

To begin with, this natural engineered walnut coffee brushed, UV oiled floor solution provides the perfect background for just about any style of furnishing or interior. It truly is a timeless solution and will provide you total flexibility no matter whether you have an entire change of style in a few years' time or if your styling has been fixed for the duration.

Thereafter, you have this warm milk chocolate colored natural engineered walnut brushed, UV oiled flooring. Benefitting from a very natural end, this is oak flooring at its very best. In reality it's the sort of flooring that's adorned foreclosed houses and castles throughout Europe for centuries and is certain not to disappoint in your home today.

Or then you have this rich natural engineered walnut black tea UV oiled choice that's the color of a really, really dark chocolate. Its almost ebony seems give you a highly modern and classy feel that isn't easy to reach with any other option. This solution looks magnificent either as part of a beige color palette or utilized in conjunction with bright acid colors. What's more, you also have the reassurance that the UV filter brings, which means you can be certain that your floor will be protected against the harmful rays of sunlight.

And of course there's this natural engineered oak sahara grey brushed and UV lacquered floor. Although technically speaking gray in color, to us is reminiscent of particular cocoa beans in their natural condition. A highly practical and neutral floor, this choice, like all the others on our list is suited to installation throughout the entire residence, including in kitchens and bathrooms where a wooden floor would not normally be recommended.

And lastly, if extremely large cocoa content is your bag when it comes to chocolate, then that organic engineered oak jet black brushed and UV lacquered floor is very likely to tick your boxes. Using its UV protection and lacquered finish, when you choose this floor you do not need to worry about heavy or high footfall, or extreme sunshine. With this option, you have got all the security you need together with stunningly great looks.

If you're looking for a new wood floor and have not yet discovered what you'd really enjoy, why not reach out and talk to us? At SandnSeal we enjoy nothing more than when our clients ask for advice or for our point of view. Go on, get connected. We're here to help.


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