Filling Gaps In Unfinished Wood Floors

If you're looking for a way to fill gaps on your unfinished wood floors, it's probably the case that your flooring was subject to a expansion and contraction because it was initially laid and you've been left with gaps you'd love to fill. There's one thing worth mentioning before you jump in and fill the gaps on your bare hardwood flooring. Since your flooring is made of a natural substance, in this case complete wood like in the case of solid wood flooring, a specific level of contraction and expansion is completely normal. Wood, such as most other natural substances responds to changes in atmospheric temperature and humidity by expanding and contracting. If there's excess moisture in the atmosphere, wood takes in some of the moisture, causing it to enlarge. When humidity levels are reduced, the wood will then allow the retained moisture go, causing it to contract. This is completely normal and might give rise to gaps that appear during certain states and disap

Our Favourite Chocolate Brown Wood Flooring

Chocolate. Whether it's a hot chocolate on a cold winter's day or a chocolate ice cream to cool down from the heat of the sun, you'll find so many associations we have with this easy word. If it comes to interiors, chocolate is hot right now. Whether it's furnishings, paint or paper colors or drapes, a mixture of whites, off-whites and chocolates; blacks, greys, whites and chocolates or even a heady mix of acidity colours using chocolate, are all big news. And chocolate timber floors is no exception. Chocolate wood flooring offers the ideal backdrop for your interior; contemporary or traditional. A warm and reassuring flooring colour choice, you can rest assured when you opt for this option, you have got a great solution for now and for the long run. That is the reason why we make it a priority to have a fantastic alternative in stock in any way times. Here are just a few of These Amazing options we have in Inventory Today and ready to Provide so you can make chocolate